Testimonials for Osteopathy in Dulwich

Finding a good local osteopath can be quite difficult. I am fortunate to have found Sandie. She is effective, friendly, experienced and pragmatic. Sandie is always willing to give advice about things to do between appointments to speed the recovery process and on-going actions to help minimise any re-occurrence. When my back did flare up Sandie was very quick to respond and was able to correct the issue quickly for me. I would recommend Sandie to anyone who is having any muscular or skeletal challenges.

Matt, SE22

Sandie is absolutely wonderful. She has sorted out, or at least taught to how to manage, my life long sleeping problems. I don’t know how she does it but her treatments work miraculously well!! I have also had various other issues that she has helped me with. The most remarkable one was when doctors treated me for arthritis but Sandie discovered that it was actually a case of tension in my muscles Again, her treatments helped me control this unpleasant condition. I am forever grateful to Sandie.

S.L.H. SE24

Sandie’s in depth knowledge of anatomy, supports her amazing ability to explain  exactly why things hurt or why they don’t work properly. This, along with her friendly, genuine,  caring manner,  and her very skillful approach to osteopathy means I leave feeling “fixed” in so many more ways than I would have expected.

Carol, SE27