Sandie Ennis BA (hons) B.Ost (Ost) pgcert (Clin Ed)

My approach is collaborative, creative, evidence-based and patient-centred; treatments are usually gentle and relaxing. I am particularly interested in working with folks who have multifactorial health and movement conditions supporting a wide variety of people from all age groups, including babies and children.  

I passionately believe it is possible to flourish and thrive alongside any diagnosis and in any state of health.” 

I qualified as an osteopath in 2009, graduating from The British School of Osteopathy (BSO), now called The University College of Osteopathy and opened Osteopathy in Dulwich in the same year as the treatment arm of my long-established Pilates practice.

My extensive postgraduate studies include cranial and classical osteopathy, pain science, rehabilitation, women’s health and training in paediatrics, including voluntary practice 2011 – 2013 at the world-famous Foundation for Paediatric Osteopathy in London (aka Osteopathic Centre for Children – OCC).

Previously, I completed my Pilates training and certification with Body Control Pilates (BCP) in 2000; BCP is one of the leading education providers for Pilates teacher training and the most significant professional Pilates organisation outside the USA. Committed to my ongoing development, I also undertook advanced studies at the renowned Kane School of Core Integration in New York under the tutelage and mentorship of Kelly Kane, one of the most highly regarded and experienced Pilates educators and therapists in the USA.

Before my career as an osteopath, I was an award-winning artist-designer and arts educator whose career was cut short by a severe and life-changing injury. In a quest to recover and understand the consequences of the complex physical trauma I sustained and find answers to the many [and never ending] questions raised by this incident. I undertook extensive studies, first, into the pilates method and rehabilitation movement, later in osteopathy pain science and clinical rehabilitation. I remain an enthusiastic lifelong learner, currently in a deep dive into Dr Gabor Mate’s compassionate inquiry.

I have lived experience of long term injury, managing a now invisible disability, and persistent pain interweaves every aspect of my life. What’s now called ‘a lived experience’ is my USP;  “it offers me insight, empathy, and sometimes the catalyst to help people step forward and find meaningful pragmatic solutions to restore their resilience and progress to become anti-fragile.”

Managing a now long term invisible disability and persistent pain interweaves every aspect of my life. It was the primary driver for a career change, which happened organically during a long and challenging recovery period. Sadly most of us learn little about the thing we carry ourselves around in (our body) or mind until it goes wrong or we feel ‘broken’. I strive to help people restore their wellbeing inside and out of my treatment room with information and knowledge to make truly informed choices about all aspects of their health and wellbeing.

I divide my time between working with patients; on a treatment couch, moving on a mat, standing or walking (your appointment might happen during a walk if that is what you need or choose), talking, and most importantly, listening. Plus, lecturing in the UK and overseas on; clinical studies, women’s health, burnout, stress management and more. Devising wellbeing services in corporate and community spaces and, more recently, while still somewhat camera shy public speaking. Otherwise, as a committed lifelong learner studying something! Or you’ll find me in a creative space, in my garden or packing a camera and sketchbook to travel.